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How Can You Recover Deleted One Drive Files?

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OneDrive is used by many people as the main source for cloud storage. Sometimes, people delete the files & folders by mistake. Here, they are trying to recover deleted files & folders as fast as possible. It can be possible by availing of IT support service and getting proper guidance regarding the procedure of recovering data. 

Step 1: Firstly, individuals need to access OneDrive’s official website and log in with the official account, Microsoft account, or your school or work account. 

Step 2: Now, you should visit the navigation pane and access the Recycle Bin feature. 

Note: all deleted files and folders are transferred to the recycle bin for a specific time period. By accessing it, you can undo the action within such a time duration. 

Step 3: In the recycle bin, you can see all OneDrive deleted files & folders. You should choose the required ones by tapping the checkbox. After selecting the required files, you should click the Restore button. 

The personal account users have some more features as compared to work or school account users. These users can restore all items by accessing a specific feature instead of selecting each file separately. In case your personal vault is unlocked, only then deleted files will appear in the recycle bin. For unlocking the personal vault, you can use the “show personal vault items” command. 

Point to note:

Sometimes, the individuals are facing issues regarding the disappearance of deleted files & folders from the recycle bin. There are two conditions applied behind it. The files will get deleted automatically after the time period of 30 days. In case the memory of the recycle bin becomes full, then the older files start getting deleted after three days automatically. 

If you are operating the Microsoft account with school or work elements, then the items of the recycle bin get deleted after 93 days. In case anyone wants to shorten the time period, then he/she can change the settings. These are some major facts for getting deleted files and folders recovered from OneDrive. People who have any confusion regarding system or technical issues can contact IT support service and get an effective solution quickly.