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5 Top All in One Printers

Top All in One Printers

Buying a printer shouldn’t be a tough job, but there are several brands and models to choose from that could make it harder to decide. With so many options, it can make your head spin. Getting the one that offers everything you need is the key to buying the best option for you.

Whether you need to print, fax, or scan documents, you can do all of these jobs on an all-in-one printer. But finding the best choices is the top priority. So, we have selected the 5 of the top all in one printers and reviewed them below.

This will make it easy to find which one is the best pick for your needs so you’re able to get the best printer in less time.

Our 5 Top All in One Printers

All of these printers come with features that make them easy to use and can perform each task perfectly. With their smooth functions and great value, you can choose the one you’d like to purchase and get the top all-in-one printer immediately.

Canon Pixma TR8550

This printer is an inkjet model that is ideal for photographs because of the five ink cartridges it contains. These inks work to create and print a beautiful, flawless picture every time. It also has a slot of an SD card which is useful for photographers who have lots of photos to print.

The size of this printer is fairly compact, which is great, but it still comes with all you’ll need. It prints, scans, and faxes and has a touchscreen and connectivity to Wifi and Bluetooth. It also has a capacity for up to 100 pieces of paper at a time.

HP Envy 5055

The Envy is a value option that fits any budget but still offers wonderful photos. It is also a model that is compact and really lightweight. The price point is low which takes away some of the fancier features that others might have, but it does all the basic functions you need.

It has a capacity of up to 100 pieces of paper and prints at a speed of 10 pieces of paper per minute. This isn’t the fastest, but it still prints beautiful photos. You can also add different ink cartridges after the starter ones run out to make sure that they last longer.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630

Top All in One Printers

Side view portrait of graphic designer operating plotter machine via digital tablet in modern printing shop

The Workforce is a large model that is built for speed. The paper capacity is up to 150 pieces, but the speed is 20 pieces of paper per minute. It is an inkjet printer which makes the photo quality consistently great.

It is a premium option that won’t work for every budget, but if speed is important than this is the way to go. Also, this works great for commercial use as it is heavy and bulky but speedy and high quality. It can be a little noisy, so commercial use in a noisy environment wouldn’t bother anyone like it might for home use.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw

This LaserJet Pro is a top of the line product that is ideal for businesses and commercial use. With a very fast printing speed and a high paper capacity, you can get lots of work done at once. It can hold up to 300 pieces of paper and prints at a speed of 28 pieces of paper per minute.

The size and shape are not the prettiest to look at, but the speed and usefulness of the features make it an amazing option. Also, the quality of the photos is just incredible and would be perfect for a photographer who needs crisp images on glossy paper.

Top All in One Printers

Background image of white paper loaded into multi functional office machine in printing shop

Brother MFC-J5330DW

The Brother MFC-J5330DW is a great option for small businesses and commercial uses because of the high paper volume it can hold as well as the ability to print on A3 paper. It is an inkjet printer that prints vivid and high-quality photos on glossy paper.

As a model that offers high speeds and high-quality, the fact that it is less than most other options is just the cherry on top. It has a maximum speed of 22 pieces of paper per minute and can hold up to 300 pages at once, but costs well under $200.


Whether you need a printer for your business or your home, you can find the best choice for you on this list. From the larger options that are great for commercial and business use to the compact models that are quiet when printing, you can find the top all-in-one printers that meet all of your needs.

Phishing Emails Are Becoming Even Harder To Identify


According to data collected by Microsoft, phishing emails accounted for 0.62 percent of all inbox receipts in September 2019.

That’s up from 0.31 percent just one year prior to that.

The increase is alarming of course, but at first glance, these look like fairly harmless numbers.

Unfortunately, last year, phishing emails targeting business owners (BEC, or Business Email Compromise) cost companies around the world more than a billion dollars last year.  That fact makes the year over year increase terrifying.

The reason BEC campaigns are so successful and so expensive for businesses is that the scammers tend to impersonate CEOs and other high-ranking corporate officials.  When you get an email that by all outward appearances comes from your boss, and it’s marked urgent, you tend to respond right away.  That’s exactly what the scammers are counting on.

Even worse, scammers have gotten increasingly good at crafting their emails.  It has reached the point that even IT professionals have been taken in by them in some cases. They’ve been unable to spot the subtle differences between a scammer’s email impersonating a CEO and an email from the CEO himself.  If an IT professional gets taken in, what hope is there for a busy HR employee or someone from the accounting office who doesn’t face those types of threats on a daily basis?

Given the rapid increase in the number of well-crafted phishing emails, this is a serious, legitimate concern. Unfortunately, bolstered by their own success, you can bet the scammers will be even more prolific.

If there’s a silver lining here it is this:  Microsoft reports that taking the simple step of enabling two-factor authentication across the board is an effective countermeasure.  Phishing attacks tend to be automated, and 2FA blocks 99.9 percent of automated attacks. If you’re not currently using it everywhere, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk.